How To Improve Self Esteem Feel Happier About Yourself In Seven Steps

Published: 22nd March 2012
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Self-esteem answers the question, “How do I feel about who I am?”. Our self esteem develops as we journey through life each day, it is not something that we are blessed with the moment we are born. We all would like to live a happy and successful life; but this is easier said than done, particularly for people who are afflicted with low self esteem. Good thing, our self esteem is not written in stone--it can be changed. But, you cannot just improve your self esteem overnight, it is a long and often difficult process that needs commitment. Here are seven steps on how to improve self esteem:

Step One
Assess your problems realistically. To be able to effectively cope with life's problems, you need to assess them realistically. Life events like traffic or a bad hair day aren't problems unless we assess them as such. Difficulties, problems and challenges will always be a part of life. So you need to learn to accept the fact that life is and will never be perfect. If our appraisals are realistic, we're better able to react to day-to-day life events with a sense of proportion.

Step Two
Do away with the comparison game. You will always find people who will be more talented or less talented than you are. You will find yourself feeling short very often if you keep on playing the comparison game.

Step Three
Identify the things that make you feel bad about yourself. Pinpoint which areas in your life are actually dragging your self esteem down and avoid them or better yet, find ways to improve them. For example, if you catch yourself feeling bad most of the time because of the way you look then work on making yourself look better--exercise and wear the right clothes.

Step Four
Stop criticizing yourself. You will never be able to develop a healthy level of self esteem if you keep on saying negative things about yourself. Instead, fill your head with positive affirmations. Positive statements and affirmations have the capacity to make you feel good and motivate you to become even better. Never belittle yourself in whatever aspect of your life--your looks, your job or your financial situation. You should be your biggest fan!

Step Five
Associate with positive, helpful people. If you form friendships with people who are cynical and controlling, you are likely going to feel bad about yourself most of the time. On the other hand, being in the company of people who listens to you, encourages and accepts you, you are sure to be on your way to a healthier level of self esteem.

Step Six
Act! If you just keep worrying about your self esteem issues, you will never get anywhere near a healthy level of self esteem. No matter what the outcome is, you are bound to Feel Better About yourself by taking action. If you let your fear and anxiety hold you back from taking action, you will end up feeling frustrated, unhappy and discontented with yourself.

Step Seven
Learn to forgive yourself when you don't accomplish all that you set out to. Each of us falls short sometimes, but rather than focusing on the negative aspects, learn to readjust your goals so that you have a better chance of meeting them. Almost any negative experience can be turned into a positive experience with the right attitude.

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